Lu's Chews

Lu’s Chews was founded in 2020 in memory of Lulu. Lulu was a feisty lil pug that came through the rescue I founded in 2016, Wyoming Pug Rescue. She came from a hoard of 17 and when I picked her up she was only 9 pounds and had her face smashed at some point in her life which made it difficult for her to drink or breathe during strenuous activity. I took her to Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital where they did the first surgery of this kind and actually rebuilt Lu’s little face. She was a trooper and blessed my life for almost 3 years. She passed in November 2019. I wanted to honor her memory and help other rescue pups like her, so Lu’s Chews was born. 10% of all sales go to Pug Rescue. The Rescue changes quarterly. All Lu’s Chews are sourced naturally in Lander Wyoming. They are shed by the animals and collected. They are all natural and my dogs love them!

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